Our Brand – KPR Mill Limited

Our Brand


FASO – Fashion Retail

Our Fashion Statement


  • At KPR, we infuse Fashion with Style, merge Color and Order; juxtapose Patterns and Attributes; and Trends and people’s Preferences.
    That’s KPR’s Fashion Retail for you.
  • In this direction, we have launched a unique and stylish brand ‘FASO.’


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KPR brings in the finest range of inner wear and athleisure wear for the Indian market under the brand name FASO. Our three decades of garmenting excellence as well as passion for quality fashion garments has helped us to achieve a distinctive style and comfort wear in the inner garments category.


FASO derives its distinctive advantage by being the unique brand with complete in-house manufacturing competence. This brings the competitive edge of unmatched quality and impeccable workmanship in every product.


FASO is not just close to your body, it is close to your heart as well.

Unique Features


  • Sophisticated air conditioned production facility
  • Bringing in the best-in-class 100% organic cotton
  • Super fine combed compact yarn that brings supreme quality
  • Knitted by the world class knitting machines (Mayer & Cie)
  • Modern processing facility that ensures ultra soft and skin friendly fabric
  • Classic styling and contemporary designs


Designed to suit the modern man’s needs and trend, Faso comes with diverse styles and ranges that suit your needs.