Yarn – KPR Mill Limited


1,00,000 Metric Tons of Yarn Manufacturing Capacity


With over four decades of expertise, KPR produces and supplies superior quality sustainable yarns to many popular international brands. While adding genuine value to the yarns we produce, our commitment to the environment-friendly measures is never compromised.

We produce quality Yarns in a comprehensive range and counts like Compact yarn, Combed yarn, Carded yarn, Melange yarn, Polyester Cotton, Viscose Yarn and Grindel Yarns.
We are specialized in more unique and special yarn ranges:
Colour Melange, Slub Yarn, Injection Slub (Cotton, Poly Cotton & Melange) BCI, Organic, CMIA and REEL yarn.

Our Yarn Capabilities
  • 10’s to 40’s Semi Combed & Super Comber of Hosiery Yarn, Weaving, Organic, BCI, ‘S’ Twist and Chessable Dye Cones.
  • Grey Melange yarn of 100% cotton and polyester cotton blend with count range Ne 20/1 to Ne 40/1.
Slub Yarn

We are manufacturing slub yarn in compact spinning in 100%cotton, poly/cotton and melange yarn, ranges from 16s to 40s counts. We also have advanced facility to produce Injection slub yarn in melange and poly/cotton based on customer request.


Our Slub Yarn Capabilities

  • Medium slub (Readily available for all counts)
  • Short slub (Produced as per customer requirement)
  • Long slub (Produced as per customer requirement)
  • Extra long slub (Produced as per customer requirement)



KPR has the latest technology Vortex Spinning machine that creates a new wave of world fashion. It eliminates two major processes thereby saving labour and power besides producing ideal structure of yarn. KPR has six Air jet Spinning Machines (12,000 Spindles)