Infrastructure – KPR Mill Limited


Leading-edge Technology + Vertical Integration + Automation

Whether it is our finest yarn, functional fabric, the unparallel detailing, or the vibrant garments; every KPR product has something special to offer. The three quintessential elements that contribute significantly to bring you the supreme quality KPR collection is the unified efforts of material, men and machine.

Model Factory

We are proud and happy that our facility is a ‘Model Factory’ and many industry stalwarts, senior executives, government officials and internationa delegates have visited KPR.

Quality Focus

We source only the best raw materials and rope in extremely talented individuals and deploy sophisticated as well as modern machines across all departments. Our agile infrastructure has enabled us to offer flexibility, shorter lead time and processing orders of any quantity to our customers.

Testing Equipment

We have installed high-tech quality control and testing equipment such as Uster Tester-5, Uster HVI 1000 Spectrum, Uster AFIS Pro-2, Uster Zweigle Hairiness Tester –G566 and UsterClassimate Quantum.

Location Advantage

Entire operations of the Company are strategically located around 50km radius from Tirupur & Coimbatore – one of the Asia’s largest apparel manufacturing clusters. The close proximity to buyers reduces material handling costs and facilitates immediate feedback on the product quality.

Leading-edge Technology

We have deployed modern as well as sophisticated machines across all departments. The high speed imported machines ensure precision and efficiency. Our state of the art machinery helps us to produce garments on par with international standards.

Vertical Integration

KPR Mill is one the largest vertical integrated textile companies in Asia. Our careful vertical integration strategy has ensured a smooth and seamless flow of operations across the company.

Active Automation

Automation through advanced machines has helped us to achieve precision, high quality and timely delivery. Our autoconers are sensor-enabled to ensure faster and better production. Our Automatic Motorized Bobbin Transport System is the most advanced and enables us to speed up production efficiently. While we could improve production efficiency, thus the labor cost is highly economised. Spinbike Plus. Introduction of Spinbike Plus at our facility has increased the comfort level of our workforce by reducing walking by 95%. Moreover, we are able to deploy minimum workforce and increase efficiency better.

New Processing Capacity

We have also commenced operations in the state of the art Processing Unit II, which will add value to the Garment Division. The advanced technology of cold processing adopted therein reduces the water consumption by 30% and eliminates the usage of salt completely. This eco - friendly facility will economise the cost of production and enhance the Fabric quality with excellent colour uniformity.

Manufacturing Capacity

Truly awe-inspiring!
Segment Capacity
Spinning 3,54,240 spindles to produce 1,00,000 MT of yarn per annum.
Knitting Capacity to produce 40,000 MT of fabrics per annum.
Dyeing Processing 25,000 MT per annum.
Garmenting 147 million pieces of readymade knitted apparel per annum.
Power generation 66 wind mills with a total captive power generation capacity of 61.92 MW.

Co-gen Power Generation Capacity of 90 MW.
Roof-Top Power Generation Capacity of 12 MW.

Sugar White Crystal Sugar is made as per the approved standards with Capacity of 20,000 TCD.
Ethanol 360 KLPD
Vortex 37,968 Spindles to produce 10,500 MT of Vortex Yarn
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