Community Development – KPR Mill Limited

Community Development

Giving back to the society = an unwavering commitment


We, at KPR strongly believe that to develop a community, providing economic independence and life skills to its people is vital. That’s why, we recruit our workforce from rural areas and provide them on-site accommodation and all basic amenities. We equip them with life skills through periodical personality developments programs and in turn, create educated, skilled and contributing members of the community.

Employee-friendly workplace


KPR’s workplace is designed to make employees feel at home, while providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. At KPR, employees enjoy:

  • Nutritious food
  • Hostel facility
  • Hygienic and comfortable working conditions
  • Comprehensive medical and nursing facilities
Opportunities for Employee Enrichment


  • sports training by professional teachers supported by sports events
  • In-campus facilities for volleyball, shuttle, throw ball, kabaddi and kho-kho
  • Swimming Pool
  • Yoga and Meditation classes
  • Music classes
  • Cultural activities
  • Auditorium for screening movies
  • Outstation picnics
Employee safety


Before induction, the employees are all well-taught and trained on the necessity and the mode of usage of various safety devices.


Safety devices provided for our employees:

  • Helmet, Safety Belt and Shoes for the employees working at relevant area.
  • Ear Plug and Ear Mask for those working at Generators, Compressor and at Auto Coner.
  • Safety Gloves and Apron for the workers handling Chemicals.
  • Goggles for those engaged in Welding.