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ISO 9001: 2000   |   ISO 14001   |   SA 8000 : 2001
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KPR MILL LIMITED : A Largest Vertically Integrated Textile Manufacturer in India

On a high growth curve!

Key Strength

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Key Strength


The significant operational expertise in the Apparel Sector enabled consistent growth since inception. Some of the key strengths of KPR to compete successfully in the market are.

         ·      Vertically integrated operations.

·      Superior Quality Products

·      Strategic location, near Asia’s largest apparel manufacturing cluster ‘Tirupur’                 

·      Advanced technology machinery and state-of-the-art plant

·      Strong and dedicated workforce

·      Global scale of operations

·      Internationally accredited processes

·      Trusted client base, both National & International.

·      Strategic procurement of the best quality cotton facilitating smooth production plan besides high quality products       

·      Substantial self sufficiency in power needs through green power generation by windmills that economize energy cost  

·      Enterprising management team with rich experience in Textile and Apparel industry

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